Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter Weight Be Gone

I think a lot of people gain weight during the winter and I think there are a lot of reasons it happens. My reasons include:

1. Being cold = being miserable = being in bed with heating blanket as much as possible.
2. Did I mention it's too cold to go outside and do anything?
3. Hot chocolate and me become best friends. We are talking tons of hot chocolate and I consume it all myself because it's not Ben's favorite.
4. Because I am sitting inside all day feeling miserably cold I need comfort foods and comfort foods include oreos, skittles, peanut butter M&Ms, etc.

Anyway, I have always known these were my little winter vices and so this last winter I tried to kick them in the butt. While I still cuddled in bed with the heating blanket I signed up for my Spin class; and, while I still had to have hot chocolate from time to time I only had it once or twice a week (for the most part). And to keep me from eating constantly I made a rule for myself to try not to eat anything after about 8pm unless I was REALLY hungry and not just eating to eat.

Well, I'm not really any lighter but I'm definitely not any heavier. And just this morning I was this ""(those are fingers telling you how close I am) close to beating my weight barrier - you know, that number on the scale that taunts you every time you step on. For me, I've been staring at that number and hating it for about a year now. But I think I just might beat it. Maybe. We'll see. I am already feeling a burst of motivation to go to my Spin class and push myself and I still haven't officially lost any weight. And if I never lose that pound, then at least I know I'm a healthier person, which makes me feel like a happier person and that's what really matters.

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Samantha said...

You look great, don't beat yourself up, b/c you look awesome.