Monday, March 9, 2009

Trip vs. Vacation


Ben and I have decided to save up 6 months worth of living expenses and as a reward for when we reach our goal amount we've decided we will go on a vacation.

So, the other day driving home from the BYU Hunger Banquet I decided to ask Ben if camping counted as a vacation because I like camping, but I don't want that to be the "vacation" we get but also really want to go camping this summer. He said it did count, then he said it didn't, then we realized we needed to define a vacation.

Well, you can either go on a trip or you can go on a vacation. Trips usually include adventure, sight-seeing, and a need for a vacation at the end of it all to recover.

Vacations usually include a ton of relaxation, a little adventure, a little sight seeing but mostly relaxation. Which is why when I say vacation I picture 3 things:
1. Beach
2. Warm/hot weather
3. relaxation.

So after much deliberation we have decided that our reward vacation will include the following:(Ben correct me if I'm off base on any of these)

1. You take work off
2. You have to take an airplane to get there (or drive a good distance).
3. You get to relax
4. A beach is involved

Based on our above criteria we have concluded that when we go to Italy, that will be a trip and definitely not a vacation. Camping is a trip if we do it in a weekend but can be a vacation if we were to take several days off of work and spend our time walking through the forest and enjoying nature. Road trips are always trips and are never relaxing and should only be done once every few years. And finally, anything involving a cruise, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Hawaii, etc. is always going to be a vacation because you can't help but feel relaxed in places like those.


christy said...

yeah cory and i are thinking maybe we should go on a cruise for our anniversary

Rachel said...

So are you saving up the six months worth of living expenses for an emergency fund, or just saving it up so you can spend it to go on vacation? :)

Brooke Jean said...

We are saving up an emergency fund so we'll actually have to save even more than the 6 months worth. But I'm fine with that. I like knowing there is money in the bank almost as much as I like going on vacations.

Lauren Jayne said...

Hey that is Milan and they are sitting on the steps of a pretty dang awesome cathedral. I must say that going to Europe is way better than any beach vacation- no matter how blue the water is or how relaxing those sun chairs are! Happy saving!

Janell said...

In a few years, you may start to define those two words the way Bryce and I do: a trip is with the kids, and a vacation is just the two of us. Ha! That is changing as they are now adults--so we might have to adopt your definitions.

Heatherboyce8 said...

Very good definitions of each! One day I will travel to Italy too, but maybe when our kids are older because I couldnt leave them for that long lol.