Friday, January 9, 2009

Thoughts on High School

I was talking with Kjersty, my friend of 10+ years, and I was telling her about a time in High School when something happened and how she kind of stuck up for me but I have forever wished I would have had a different reaction to the situation because the person really made me mad. Like, I wished they would have died right then and there mad and all I did was start crying as soon as she walked away.

Anyway, we spent a LOT of time together in high school so we had a lot of the same experiences; however, we have very different memories of things that took place. She doesn't recall the above event at all, while I still have a hard time falling asleep at night when I think about it (which to be honest happens about once every 5 years but it still happens).

My point is, it's so interesting for me to look back at my high school experience and the things I remember. The things I thought were so important and the things I thought would end my world. Oh, how important every event of my life was back then.

Why is it that while in High School you have such a hard time seeing the fact that life goes on? It goes on for a LONG LONG time. In fact, there were so many nights that I spent thinking I would rather die than go to school for one more day (and not because I hated school - quite the opposite - but because the boy of my dreams had broken my heart, or I had fallen down in a huge mud puddle and gone through the rest of the day at school in my gym clothes). But I survived all of that and made it to college and had the same things happen and survived those things too, but looking back I feel like I was so silly. Now, there are still things in life that happen that I still become quite dramatic over but I hope that I have a bit more perspective then I did back in High School.

Anyway, I survived high school thanks to all the great friendships I had. They were always there to let me know life did go on and when they had their problems I hope I was there for them in the same way. So, for all my friends from High School that I'm still lucky enough to have contact with (which is actually quite a few), I'm really grateful for those friendships. Love you girls!!


christy said...

yep, it's funny how kids and teenagers seem to only see the world from their view and not the world at large and it's humiliating to think of how i acted back then. i'll blame it on lack of experience, lack of service, and hormones.

Rachel said...

This is something I have thought a lot about. I totally remember in high school feeling like this was it. If high school wasn't just what I wanted it to be, my life was pretty well over. Now, I look back and wonder what I was thinking. My life has only gotten better since graduating. College was a much more fulfilling experience where I made more friends, had more fun, and learned more what life is all about. I would never want to go back. I'm thoroughly embarrassed when I think about myself in high school, and I kind of hope no one even remembers me.

I think I could go on and on about this. It's too bad you just can't realize when you are a teenager that life goes on. I remember people trying to tell me that, but I didn't really believe them. They were right.