Friday, January 23, 2009

Ski Day

Last Friday I decided I wanted to put on some skis and give it a go since I haven't done it in about 6 years. I have been snowboarding in that time frame but I never got very good at that and I always ended up with a very sore bum. So, on Monday I convinced Ben and Kjersty to go skiing up at Wolf Mountain.

Kjersty had never been before and I've been telling her for about 8 years that I would take her sometime. Finally, we made it.

She went down the "bunny hill" twice and I got bored so I convinced her to go up a lift because it was the exact same only longer.

She only fell 3 times during the day (4 if you count the time her ski fell off on the ski lift and she had to get off wearing only one ski). I think my teaching method worked out great. Just throw them out there and teach them what they need to know when the time comes. It worked for us!

It was a nice sunny day and I finally got that out of my system. Who knows when I will go skiing next. Maybe it will be another six years before I go again. Probably. Since Ben has decided he doesn't like skiing anymore. Alas. I guess we'll have to find some other sport to entertain us during the winters.


Rachel said...

What!?! Why did Ben decide he doesn't like skiing?

Brooke Jean said...

He didn't have a good excuse. He just said he realized he didn't like skiing when he started counting how many more runs he had to do before it was time to go. Sad. I know.