Friday, November 21, 2008

Rivalry Week - Part 2: A Change of Heart

Ben doesn't like that random strangers post on our blog. Mostly I think he's annoyed that someone would post ANONYMOUSLY. Who wants to listen to someone who is too ashamed to show their face? That is why, anonymous just made me laugh. And then ... The Dally Llama left his comment and I'm pretty sure a piece of my own heart broke when I realized what I had done to the best school mascot there ever was.

Me and Cosmo go way back. I am a HUGE fan of BYU men's basketball and as such went to every single home game. I even left my family during Christmas vacation to brave the snowy roads and come to the game (or games ... cant really remember), that were held during the end of the year.

While at these games me and Cosmo became friends - granted he probably doesn't know I exist. Anyway the point is, Cosmo is the epitome of school spirit and I think that's why I came to be so fond of him.

Well, after graduating and moving away we decided to ditch cable since it cost a ton of cash and now we watch the highlights on the news or the play by play online (which is extremely hard to follow). I think that when I stopped watching the games, I stopped seeing the school spirit that each game brings out. As a result you got the previous blog post about the upcoming football game.

Now that The Dally Llama has helped me see the truth, I take back a lot of the things I said. 1. I know the BYU football team doesn't care about the money - They don't even get to see it. 2. While it would put the entire conference in good standing with the BCS - Let's be honest, The whole BCS thing stinks. We could have the number one team in the nation and they'd still overlook us because that is what they do. (Exaggeration but still kind of true) 3. Even if Utah loses we still have 3 REALLY good teams in the top 25 and I think that'll get us some, if not the same amount, credit. and 4. I like a good game as much as the next person but it felt so good to see the Ute Fans hearts break the last two years in the last minute of the game that I'm pretty sure I'd give anything to see that happen again.

While I still feel it would be good if Utah won, I think it'd be better if BYU rocked. Seriously. Plus it would be kind of fun to tease my co-workers if they did - granted it would be a mild tease. Wouldn't want to rub salt in the wound. Especially with the upcoming budget cuts.

That is all. I apologize for my lack of True Blueness - I promise I still bleed blue it was just kind of a purple/blue (blue + red = purple) last week.


Lys-face said...

Fine, the jig is up. I am the anonymous poster of the previous blog. I was browsing through blogspot, happened upon your blog, and recognized your husband, Ben, an old friend of mine. The reason I posted anonymously is because I thought it all was an awkward coincidence since Ben and I dated for a short while a few years back. Not because I'm ashamed of my opinion. I most certainly am not and I meant every word that I said.

Oh, and the Dally Llama is my brother-in-law.

christy said...

I am not into sports but i would like byu to win since i went there and like the school. i would also like to tease my neighbors who are big utah fans that are always making fun of byu fans.