Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweetheart Tag

So, When I don't have anything to blog about, I do a Tag. And since I'm absolutely boring lately, here is another tag found on Heather and Jordan's site.

Each person answers questions about their sweethearts.At the end of the post, the person then tags 6 people and posts their names; then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged.

1. What is your husbands name? Ben Scott Newman (Not Benjamin)
2. How long have you guys been married? 1 year 3 months and 2 days
3. How long did you date? 3 months + 2 1/2 months then we were engaged for a whole 2 1/2 months. So in total - 8 months ... that's not so bad.
4. How old is he? 26 ... I think ... I get this wrong every time cause I can't remember if he's already 26 or he's turning 26. My mind is obviously about 90.
5. Who is taller? Ben
6. Who can sing best? Maybe if Ben would sing loud enough to be heard at church I could answer this question. But I'm pretty sure it's him. He can always hit the right pitch when joking around singing.
7. Who is smarter? Definitely Ben.
8. Who does laundry? We both do. I sort the clothes and he takes them down to the laundry room then we fight over who will fold them cause we both love doing it so much.
9. Who pays the bills? That would be me.
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Well if I'm looking at the bed then Ben sleeps on the right side. Although, he stole it from me and I still don't know exactly why.
11. Who mows the lawn? Our landlord, or people he hires to do it.
12. Who cooks dinner? Ben makes an awesome cheese sandwich and hamburger. Anything that requires cooking on something other than the George Foreman is done by me.
13. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Oh ... I don't know. Probably Ben. He's more humble. But usually our arguments are over why Hummers are cool and we should get one or not, so there isn't really a person who is wrong.
14. Who kissed who first? Ben made the move to kiss me first but I definitely met him half way. Especially since I'd been waiting for him to get going on things for a good month or two.
15. Who wears the pants? Depends on the day.

16. I tag ... You! Mwahahaha (Evil Laugh)


Samantha said...

I could have sworn you guys dated longer than that!

Brooke Jean said...

We were just "Friends" forever. Both the first time and the second time we dated. Ben was the slowest relationship starter ever. Well, at least for me. There was another girl who he had met, held hands with and then kissed all within like 2 days. Sheesh.