Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rivalry Week

I know where my loyalties are but I'm a little torn over the upcoming BYU vs Utah Football game. If Utah wins there are several bonuses for the entire conference. If BYU wins then BYU gets bragging rights for a year. Obviously every other school in the conference is going to be cheering for Utah.

If Utah wins our whole conference will gain. They'll have a higher standing in regards to other conferences and most importantly each school within the mountain conference will get an extra $200,000. Do you think BYU will lose on purpose? I'm kind of thinking $200,000 is enough to make me lose on purpose. I "know" BYU will play their hardest and I doubt they'll even consider the $500,000 that is at stake. But I know a lot of the True Blue BYU fans are going through the same dilemma that I am facing. Who do you route for when losing will actually give you more of a long term reward???

Guess we'll just have to see what happens on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are or how I came across your blog, but as a BYU football fan, I couldn't resist commenting. First off, while it is a smaller chance for us than it would be for Utah, there is still a mathematical shot that if we win we'd get sent to the BCS. And while you're playing the numbers game, with that as the case we'd get 4.5 million. Way more money.

But even if we win and do not go to the BCS, Boise State will likely go and if that's the case, we'd still get a good chunk of change. If any non-BCS school goes, than all non-BCS conferences split 18% of BCS revenue, as opposed to the 9% we'd normally get (if no non-BCS school goes)

Also, any truly True Blue BYU Football fan knows that it's not about the money. When you consider the revenue that comes in from ticket sales (like the 12 consecutive home game sell outs. And you know those tickets ain't cheap) and sponsors, $200,000 really isn't all that much. Nor is the $500,000 that we would actually get if Utah went. But that is neither here nor there. College football and especially BYU football is not about the money. It's about the honor. It's about a piece of the MWC championship. It's about bringing glory to the school. It's about the football team being the best they can be. And above all else, it's about beating stupid, stupid Utah. The BYU football team cannot be bought, nor, I would venture to say, can any self-respecting NCAA football team. This isn't the NFL after all.

Full Invested is more than just a T-shirt, and your comments that you would actually consider pulling for Utah to win this game might allude to a lack of such investment.

I exhort you to re-evaluate your comments and to Rise, Shout, and cheer on the Cougars of BYU.

I also apologize that this comment is longer than your actual post.

The Dally Llama said...

A little piece of Cosmo's heart just broke after you wrote this.

If any player on BYU's roster would even seriously entertain this thought, then he needs to have his scholarship revoked immediately.

BYU's color is blue, not green. Screw the money. Spoil Utah's undefeated season.

Brooke Jean said...

While Anonymous did seem to have a lot to say, The Dally Llama got to me with one word - Cosmo. I guess not being around the school spirit has led me down an unforgivable path lined by greed. I had forgotten what it meant to be a "True Blue BYU fan". But I remembered all the good memories Cosmo and I have had together at BYU Men's basketball games and School Pride came back like a ton of bricks.

I really do hope BYU Wins. I'll probably have to do an entirely new post now because of my change of heart.