Monday, November 24, 2008

Books - A love/hate relationship

The love/hate relationship is that I love them and Ben hates them.

Here is the situation:

I'm reading yet another book on a Friday or Saturday evening when Ben decides he needs some attention. After about 2 minutes of him basically smothering me I come out of my book reading mode and realize Ben is in need of some TLC. I scratch his back and then slowly the fact that the bad guys are about to capture the hero draws me back to the book. A few minutes later I hear the theme song to Jaws but figure Ben is just being Ben. The theme song continues and I realize that Ben is singing it as he slowly sneaks up on me, Diving his head down and up as he gets closer. Ha.

I guess sometimes giving Ben attention is more important then finding out what happens in whatever book I happen to be reading. Besides, he's much more entertaining.


Samantha said...

He sounds like Zara, with all the attention neediness. Just not as bad. He also sounds like William with his silly humor.

Rachel said...

You are a good wife.