Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Image Tag

Here is another tag that I decided to do. You type your answers into a Google image search and you have to use one of the pictures on the front page.

Favorite Vacation: Bahamas

Favorite Color: Purple

Age (do you know how old I am?):

Favorite Treat: Ice Cream

Favorite food: Chinese

Where I want to travel: Italy

Where I grew up: Utah

Where I live: Utah

Last name: Newman

Middle name: Jean

First name: Geez ... don't type my name into google images ... this was the only blog appropriate picture on the first page.

Past Love: Track and Field

Favorite Animal: Panther


Samantha said...

I've never mentioned to you how sweet and adorable I think all the things you say about Ben are. I can tell you guys love each other a lot. It's sweet.

Amanda Kristeen said...

Brooke! Hey, I went over and checked out Shalyse's blog and saw your name on the comment page! :) Looks like life is going pretty well for you - I'm glad you like your new job. It's always hard to be the new one that doesn't know any/everything, but you'll be in-the-know in no time. ;) Anyhow, I'm really excited that I found your blog!