Monday, September 8, 2008

I only had to do like 10 pictures to not get all girls.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family tree template - Old pictures


Samantha said...

Huh?!?! *scratches head*

I think Ben looks like a) the guy on Pushing Daisies and b) this one bad guy in Lost- he was in the last season as the leader of the boat who was coming to "rescue"/do bad stuff to the island- he liked to shoot people (if you've seen the show you should remember this guy?) Anyway both of those dudes are dudes who make me think of Ben. Sandra Bullock, though, does not....? Brooke there was someone on TV I thought looked like you and now I can't remember who it was....I'll tell you if I remember!

christy said...

these things are fun but totally wack. cory kept getting girls. even the celebrity photos are not good. one of mine gave me mostly men. one told me james dean and david bowie. whatev. you just keep trying pics until it gives you attractive people.