Thursday, September 11, 2008

Motorcycle Endorsement

Today I finally scheduled my driving test in order to get my Motorcycle endorsement on my driver license, which means, I will finally be legal when I drive my scooter.

I bought it around April of last year and I have just recently gotten around to the getting all the legalities taken care of (i.e. insurance and a learner's permit). While I tried to get insurance a year ago, my insurance company did not want anything to do with me until I had a license. State farm is much nicer. They don't care if you know how to drive the thing or not. Turns out my old insurance knew what they were doing though. I have only crashed my scooter 3 times since I got it. (All of which were in the first couple months) One of which was quite embarrassing because it was in the middle of the day and lots of people were around to witness it. (It is to this day my most embarrassing moment). The others were far less humiliating due to the fact that it was really late and I was heading home after studying in the library for one test or another. (No one should be allowed to operate a vehicle after frying their brain for 10 hours). None of them have been serious and now that I actually know what I am doing no one needs to be worried. SO ... hopefully on September 30th I will be able to get my Driver License back with an M endorsement! Woo Hoo.


christy said...

that is a funny pic. when i was out riding my bike saturday i passed a guy riding his unicycle. really! how is that fun! cory and i don't understand the world of a unicyclist.

Heather said...

Back in the day when I got my driver's licese, they automatically gave you a motorcycle endorsement. So I have one, but I have never in my life driven a motorcycle.

Lauren Jayne said...

Man I remember getting my motorcycle endorsement a couple months after I got my scooter. I think driving from Provo to the DMV in Orem was more difficult than the actual test itself! Hope it went well!