Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent Discovery

I realized that I really like cooking. I am not saying I am a food expert by any means but I love trying new recipes and seeing the final product. When I watch "The next food network star" I like pretend I'm one of the contestants fighting for my own show. Unfortunately, I've never really created my own recipe, mostly I just follow other peoples and make little changes if I don't like it. Maybe I'll go back and try culinary school. Hmmm ... anyone want to help pay for culinary school through the Art Institute that's only a little more than $50,000. Wish I would have realized my passion before I spent tons of money on a BS in Business Management. The only solution = Go to culinary arts school then open my own catering business!


Rachel said...

I really like cooking, too. If you open a catering business, you can hire me to work for you and then we won't have to live so far away from everyone!

Samantha said...

do it.

you can hire William too.