Friday, July 11, 2008

My Problem

So I have a problem. Ben doesn't believe me but I swear what I am about to tell you is true. I have decided I would like to get a little more in shape. In shape = losing a little weight and redefining a few muscles in my arms and abs. Anyway, at first I was very enthusiastic about this until I started running and gained 5 lbs. What? Seriously? As if exercising isn't hard enough, now I have absolutely no incentive to get up in the morning and torture myself. Bah! Anyway, I realized I am not the only person with this problem. On TV (I know TV isn't real but it made me feel a little better) someone was trying to lose weight with her friends and she ended up gaining 4 lbs while exercising and on a specific diet and she was the only one not cheating on the diet. Anyway, I'm annoyed with this problem and I've decided to focus solely on creating a healthy diet based on "intuitive eating". Well, now I'm done venting so ... thanks for listening.


kelsey said...

The 5 lbs is probably just rock solid muscle from all your working out.

christy said...

It's normal for that to happen b/c you gain muscle mass but if you keep with it and are burning more than you eat then you will loose weight, not like you need to though. i need to but i am always getting distracted. riding bikes is about all i get around to or going for walks but it's better than nothing. the running is good for your heart even if you don't drop pounds.

Samantha said... don't need to lose any weight. And you are totally cut anyway, so...I wouldn't worry.

I have heard about that intuitive eating thing- you should post another blog with your thoughts/actions about that. I'm pretty sure if I went with that I'd just drink soda all day, which isn't good. But from what I heard about it, I'm trying to do that with Zara. I want to read the book about it, have you read it?

Kjersty said...

So, the doctor said that I can't run, he said I can walk around the block once a day and then maybe in a few weeks walk around around it twice a day, and then maybe in like a few months I will work my way up to 4 or 5 times a day, and maybe, someday, I will be allowed to run again. When he took x-rays of my ankle he said my bone has hardly any bone mass and my running has been breaking the bone down more and if I run anymore then I will get a whole bunch of stress fractures... talk about bad luck huh? I was just trying to lose a little weight and relieve a little stress.

Brian Hanks said...

5 lbs! Wow! Rock solid butt muscle I'm sure.