Sunday, July 6, 2008

Zion National Park

We had a fun 4th of July Weekend at Zion National Park.

Here's our campsite
It was really hot so we did what we could for shade.
We spent almost all of Friday in The Narrows which is my favorite hike ever. Since you're hiking in a river, we didn't take the camera which was good because we didn't have to be careful about the water. It was beautiful and really fun.

Here's our main Saturday destination: Angel's Landing

We had to hike along this narrow ridge!
Good thing there are chains to keep a white-knuckle grip on!Brooke: What if I sprain my ankle way up here?
Ben: We stick to the code. He who falls behind, stays behind.
Brooke: Here's a code, you help me down the mountain.
Ben: I wish we were pirates.

Dah! Who in the world came up here before there were chains?
Proof that we made it to the top!
And we made it back to the bottom-where there's a nice cold river.
Brooke made us make tons of way good aluminum foil dinners (which is way more work but way better than the sandwiches and granola bars we would have eaten if I was in charge) so we ate really good food. Also, since Brooke has her swimming suit on here I want to point out her awesome tan lines.

Even gourmet desserts. Cake mix cooked in a hollowed out orange.Common scenery in Zion
Driving home with facial hair and tan lines.


christy said...

so fun! glad you made it back safely! i have tan lines too. I will look silly in my swim suit at Bear Lake. I'll probably hide them with my rashguard shirt on. You guys look like good campers, I skill I have not developed yet.

kelsey said...

Wow. That hike looks pretty intense, and by intense, I mean insane.

That cake in an orange looks so yummy!

Rachel said...

Fun! I'm very jealous. Southern UT is my favorite place in the world. We're going camping for all of next week and need some ideas for food, so email me your tinfoil dinner sugguestions!

Luke looked at the picture of Ben hiking that was taken from above and asked, "Does Ben have a peg leg?" If only you really were pirates, maybe he would.

Scott and Laura Bowles said...

looks like a way fun camping trip!! love the tan lines too!

Lauren Jayne said...

Ooohh this looks like fun! I'm going down to Moab to camp later this times! Any bear problems I should know about?

Brooke Jean said...

Lauren: If there were any bears, they died of dehydration or heat exhaustion this last weekend.

Rachel: I will get you those recipes very soon. I made some revisions from the ones I have that made it easier to cook so as soon as I get those typed up they'll be yours.

Samantha said...

Wow- Rachel you're brave going camping with two kids! Or maybe that's not hard, I don't know b/c I've never done it. You must have a serious tent.
B and B, this looks so fun. So beautiful down there. Nice tan ... I mean burn...lines. I don't think I would have done so well on those kinds of hikes- you are a hardcore chick. I actually don't think I would have done those hikes at all. The last real hike I went on, I was grossly underprepared for, and it was exhausting. I like "scenic walks."