Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Dryer!

Many of you may have forgotten, or just moved on from the time when you were first married, living in an apartment that you barely fit in, and trying to figure out where your life would take you. Well ... I guarantee that in 25 years from now I'll still remember our very first "dryer".

No this isn't just where we hang our clothes.

Also, please notice the planned placement over the heater so that the clothes can dry faster. Although, now that it is warming up outside our clothes are taking longer to dry.


Heather said...

My grandmother doesn't have a dryer, so she has a clothes line in her hallway. When it rains or if it's too cold, she hangs her clothes in the hallway. It's a metal line that stays there all the time. I've seen a retractable clothes line, but I don't know if they make them long enough for her hallway.

christy said...

i've never hung my clothes to dry. i used the coin op dryer at the apt complex when we were first married. actually i guess it was a couple of years before we had our own washer and dryer. i don't like how my clothes feel after they air dry. i did try it in hawaii b/c it was really expensive at the hotel but my clothes just didn't get dry so i used it after all.

Rachel said...

Ha! I like the dryer. I miss those days of being a newly married, poor college student. There's no other time like it!

Samantha said...

In Japan almost no one uses dryers. They just hang their clothes up too. I feel like my clothes stretch out or something after I air dry them!!

I've probably got you beat on a smallest first apartment. We lived in the one bedrooms at King Henry - it was SO. TINY. I didn't mind it back then too much, kinda cozy. I still think small places are kinda cozy and keep your stuff level down.

Is that our old TV and tv stand? Do you guys have our gamecube, by the way? What else did we give Ben when we went to Japan? And where do you guys live? Don't answer that on this blog.

Brooke Jean said...

I use extra fabric softener and the clothes seem to dry without hardening like they do when I forget to put in the fabric softener. So the air drying isn't so bad.

I would gladly pay to dry them if there was a laundry mat within walking distance, but alas.

Also, Samantha, I don't know if that is your TV or not ... it probably is though since it came with Ben. As for the Game cube ... yes. We have that. I don't know what else Ben was able to acquire as a result of you moving to Japan.

As for where we live ... in Provo ... but not for long. (Soon we'll be moving closer to Ben's work into a smaller apartment that is more expensive. exciting!)