Monday, March 24, 2008

New shoes and a cold

Well, I finally got a new pair of everyday shoes. I should have taken a picture of my olds ones, they were completely falling apart. As a result, I'm pretty excited about my new shoes minus the fact that they probably wont smell like popcorn (for some reason my old shoes did). Not that I enjoy the smell of popcorn permeating from my shoes, but it's better than my shoes smelling like something worse. It was always kind of funny to take off my shoes and have someone ask who had popcorn.

On another note, I thought I had made it through the winter without getting a sickness of any kind. Then after going swimming on Friday night I ended up going downhill. At first I thought it was just a stuffy nose from swimming but Sunday made me realize it was something that will probably last a lot longer. Drat! Oh well at least the weather is beautiful and hopefully I can get outside and enjoy it a little before it gets cold again.

I really want to go fly a kite!

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christy said...

hope you are well soon. we have been lucky this winter, no flu. my sisters back in AL have had it pretty bad.
that's wierd that your feet used to smell like popcorn. glad you have new shoes. i need to throw out some of my old shoes.
i was looking at kites at the store sat. but didn't get one. i never know which one to get. maybe next sat.