Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Without a Trace

This is my new favorite TV show. I started watching it when I had an hour break between class and work and our break room at work was finally finished being remodeled. I'm still watching the 2004/2005 episodes but I like it because you never know how it will end. Will they find the missing person? IF they find the missing person will the person be dead? Will they be alive? And then sometimes they focus on the lives of the FBI detectives on the show so no one goes missing. Also, sometimes the people runaway or go on life quests without telling anyone so there are lots of good endings. I especially like it because it isn't so focused on the decaying bodies like CSI is so you don't have to have a strong stomach to watch.

Anyway, back to my show!


christy said...

I haven't seen it or CSI but last night I saw a new show on ABC called Miss Guided and it was really cute and funny. I am also loving Dancing with the stars and American Idol!

Scott and Laura Bowles said...

i love without a trace!! its great!

Brian Hanks said...

Amen to the comment about CSI and the rotting bodies. That show is too gross.