Monday, December 7, 2015

Fieldtrip to the SAM

This month we've been learning about shapes, patterns, and colors. 

We found them in nature, in construction, and in a feast. We finished up this topic by finding them in art!

We figured free day at the SAM was a great place to find those things in art. 

As you can imagine it was stressful. And fun. But mostly stressful.

Wait, no ... don't touch the floor! ... Just kidding. They could touch the floor. 

But not that car behind them...

It was just a normal car sitting on the ground that someone claimed was "art". The cars hanging from the ceiling with "spikes" as Dragon calls them, were much more artistic than the car on the ground but what do I know. I just drive a car every day of my life.

In other news, when you tell Dragon to hold still and smile he jumps around like crazy and gets his friends to join in.

Yeah, the lit-up spike cars were a huge hit.

When we walked in this room Colt got SOOO excited about this statue so naturally I had to take a picture of him in front of it. 

These kids are so cute. This will be their album cover when they start a band someday.

This art was a looping video of butterflies flying around in a field. Obviously the kids loved it. Obviously.

While the moms spent the majority of the time freaking out and trying to keep our three-year-olds from being three-year-olds, the kids really did have a blast.

Dragon walked into a room at one point and said, "This is AMAZING!" I was in another room and didn't see what had caught his attention but I did hear him. It made me smile.

And what do kids do when you don't let them touch anything but the floor and benches they sit on for an hour?

They find a bench and have recess on it. We didn't stop them.

Yep, that's a doggy pile on the bench.

We made it out. I don't think any art was damaged by us there. I can't say for sure though because I mostly hovered over my own kid. I'm sure the security was happy to see us leave. 

And, a tip from someone who hates paying for parking, DO NOT park in the SAM parking garage with their "reasonable" parking rates. Ha! I was fooled. I went down the ramp and then I saw what their "reasonable" rates were.

Too bad it would have cost me $7 just to go in and out. Otherwise I would have done just that and spent another 40 minutes looking for parking somewhere else. Oh well, I'm just saying I paid $22 for admission and the parking was free.

Another fun field trip for the books!

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Fran said...

Wow! Dragon dresses to the nines for his uptown chic field trip:D