Saturday, December 5, 2015

Boys, boys, boys ...

Oh how I love my family of handsome, beautiful, ever active boys.

I especially love them when they are mesmerized by simple things like lights on a Christmas tree.

It was past bedtime and our boys were so grumpy. I told Ben I couldn't wait for them to be in bed and then suddenly this happened and I could barely stand putting them in bed. 

My boys get their dance moves from me. ... Sorry boys.

We spend at least a half an hour each day doing the above. Exactly. It has taken me several months to finally catch Colt's signature dance move in such great length on camera. Enjoy!

In other news, we are so far behind on our blogs so I'm going to try and catch up a little over the next few days but that's mostly wishful thinking so just enjoy this post and hopefully it will tide you over until the others come!


Fran said...

Oh how we love your family of boys too! However the twirling thing makes me a little queasy:D

Mrs. Mike said...

Oh my goodness! Colt's dancing is hilarious and adorable!

Heidi said...

Okay, little A is too adorable in that dancing clip!!