Friday, November 6, 2015

What are we going to do with this kid!?

It was a day like any other except that I decided I wanted to eat in peace and let my kids get down from the table before Ben and I had finished our meal.

As Ben and I sat relaxing and chatting about the events of our day, Colt decides to stand up and randomly FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER walk from the middle of our room to the couch -- a good 5 or 6 steps away!

There was no motivation for him to do that. No one was there to catch him. No one was encouraging him. All those hours I spent trying to get him to do it with me or Ben were in vain because apparently he could care less if his parents are there to catch him. The pesky.

Guys! This. Kid! This was a few minutes later. Luckily he decided to cooperate for the camera otherwise I would have been so mad!

It's about time! 

1 comment:

christy said...

Awesome! Aiden was the same. I think he must've been practicing when no one was looking.😃