Saturday, June 20, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

We were going to go strawberry picking for playgroup this week but the farm canceled to let the berries ripen. 

Luckily, I read that this weekend was "Strawberry Fest" so I made our family go. 

Dragon had the biggest smile on his face as the tractor pulled the trolley out to the strawberry fields. 

It was so fun watching him forage for his favorite food.

Even Colt got in on the action ... sort of. 

Mostly he just played in the dirt which was fine with us.

I can't really blame the Asian women for their obssession with him. We think he's pretty cute. (He's now been photographed by random women at outings on four different occasions and in two countries. He's going to be a celebrity somewhere and we won't even know it!) 

We made off with a decent haul. Time to get to work on our Jam! 

(If only everyone else didn't have the same idea so there would actually be Pectin at one of the stores near us. Not to worry. Amazon to the rescue!)