Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Helping those in need

The Young Single Adult ward in our stake was doing a Toy Drive with food, Santa and other little games and crafts for the kids. We let Dragon know that we were going to be heading to the store to pick out a toy for kids that don't have lots of toys like he does. He immediately responded with, "No! My toys!"

Let's just say the idea never did sink in. Never have I seen such a sad kid. He was just screaming over and over again, "My Amboolance!" "My Amboolance!"

I guess that maybe he was a wee bit too young to learn the lesson about giving to those in need. Oh well, we got some cute Santa photos in before he really lost it.

"Santa Claus and Mommy Santa Claus" 

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christy said...

Let him give food and toiletries for the shelters and then he will probably be happy to give it away. Lol I don't like donating toys since working at WalMart when I was younger and seeing how many get returned so the parents can blow the money on themselves.