Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Country Village Tree Lighting and Santa's Arrival

Day 6 of our Advent Calender took us to the fun little cluster of stores in Bothell called Country Village. They do an annual tree lighting and Santa arrival. They also had complimentary chestnuts roasted on an open fire (aka a BBQ grill).

Daddy is definitely Dragon's favorite person in the entire world. When he gets to stay home from work it's a party around here and whenever Ben has to leave for work, it's the saddest thing that ever happened.

A rare picture of Colt and Daddy since it's usually Dragon who is in his arms.

I love how he almost always, and without trying, has a pleasant look on his face. He is definitely a content little guy. 

As you can see, Dragon was not amused by the idea of taking a picture with mommy. ... But at least he had a yummy candy cane.

Santa rode in on a sleigh pulled by lit up reindeer. It was exciting stuff!

And then he counted down the lighting of the tree. 

And one more, just because I think he's so stinking cute in his little marshmallow suit.

See that smile he gives when he's in his Daddy's arms!? No way, he'd be cracking a smile if I was the one holding him. Such a pesky little guy!

And then he just got extra pesky but we're going to pretend he was mesmerized by the lights of the tree.

"Dragon, Smile!" .... Or do that.

Daddy and Dragon were taking a break to eat Candy Canes so I thought I'd capture the moment. 

I love that this place goes all out for Christmas. They even had a mediocre gingerbread house competition that I forgot to take pictures of. 

We finished the evening saying hi to a couple of Santa's reindeer and playing on the playground in the dark. 

Of course we had to pull Dragon away kicking and screaming because what kid would willingly want to leave a night like that.

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