Sunday, September 21, 2014


Today as we pulled into the church parking lot, Dragon saw the church and yelled out, "Temple!".

I don't know when he learned what a temple is. It could have been his nursery leaders or me showing him a picture of the temple when we sing "I love to see the temple" during singing time or at home or if he just picked it up all on his own. Regardless, it made me happy that he knew the word.

In other temple related news: He was super excited to go to church today because he would get to see his friends there. ... I've realized that, even if I want to home school him, I won't be able to because he's going to be like me and he's going to look forward to the summer ending every year so school can start again and he can see all his friends every single day.

Also, every Sunday we drag him to our car crying as he is struggling to try and go home with his friends.

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Fran said...

Oh Ethan! You are so funny and fun.