Thursday, September 4, 2014


Life with our two-year-old lately has been ... trying.

He's entered the stage where everything is, "Mine!" Some of these exclamations make more sense than others. Sometimes the object really is his. He's also learned that some things are "Mommy's!" and some things are "Daddy's!" but usually they are "Mine!"

Some of the things he makes are claim to are just downright ridiculous. An example of this ridiculousness happened today after his bath:

I noticed Dragon had a hair of mine on his bum so I said, "Come here, I'll get that hair off you." As I removed the hair he started whining and saying, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" I dropped the hair in the sink and thought that that was the end of that. Of course Dragon had other plans. He immediately started scouring the bathroom counter for another hair (which he found) and proceeded to place it back on his bum.

... Yeah. That's life right now with our two-year-old.