Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camping at Cascade Park

It was a pretty last minute plan to head camping but we pulled it off.  

I headed to the store and grabbed some (junk) food, packed the car up and as soon as Ben got home from work we headed out.

We got to the camp at about 6:30 and, as I was checking in, noticed a few other families from our ward on their list.

Dragon LOVED it! 

One of the families there happened to be a family with two boys that Dragon is very fond of. They're twins just a month younger than him. Unfortunately, we also got a glimpse at what life with a teenage Dragon is going to be like. Every time we turned our backs he was running off to be at his friends' camp ground across the field. And, when we were happily playing at the river, he abandoned us the minute his friends showed up to throw rocks with them.

He definitely had a blast.

Colt, as usual, was awesome. Just like always he was content with whatever we were doing. When he woke up in the morning he was SOOO happy. His babbling is actually what woke me up. And then he just smiled and smiled.

I remember a time Dragon took a nap at a park and woke up similarly happy. There is something about waking up in nature that must effect a baby's attitude. I love it.

Dragon woke up in the morning, groggily sat up and then, suddenly started spouting off his version of a story: "Light!" "Dark all gone." "No ghosts!"

... That's right, he made sure to mention there were no ghosts that showed up while we were sleeping outside in the dark.

When we woke up everything was smoking. He thought that was pretty cool.

Colt supervised the starting of our morning fire.

After breakfast we headed down to the river and then, once we were tired of FREEZING to death in the ice cold water we made a bee-line to the slip-n-slide. I think I could have played on it all day long but we had to get back to real life eventually.

I'm happy to say we survived our first camping trip as a family of four! In fact, I'm ready to go again. ... This time I'll set up the sleeping situation better and maybe I'll actually stay warm and get some sleep!

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You guys need a go-pro.