Tuesday, June 3, 2014

... to be a child, to be a child!

Our little Dragon sure loves his water. I'm even more excited for summer this year than last because I think Dragon will finally enjoy the splash pads ... maybe.

Last year he hated water getting on his face and he hated cold water. As you can imagine, a splash pad had massive amounts of both so whenever we tried to go to one he just hung out on the perimeter watching all the other kids have a blast. 

It was really disappointing because he loved being IN water it just had to be the right circumstances. Unfortunately, 90 degree water is hard to find anywhere besides a bathtub at home!

Luckily, this spring/summer we've already gotten him to play in cold water on multiple occasions so I'm thinking this will be the beginning of lots of water fun.

Some more proof that he's gotten over the whole, water in his face thing:

Despite the fact that he's in the same shirt pretty much every time I have pictures/videos of him getting soaked, they are not all on the same day. He just really loves his "wee-ooo" shirt (aka firetruck shirt).


Fran said...

Now that he is used to water on his face there'll be no stoppin' him.

Mrs. Mike said...

Oh, man, I love two-year-olds. Wish I could play with him every day!

Perhaps E can teach my six-year-old to not mind water in his face this summer...

christy said...

It's not hot enough here for cold water. Lol Avery is nine and has just gotten over water in the face with goggles on. Were still trying to get him to take showers. Well done E!