Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sleep? Who needs it.

Today Colt was my favorite kid. 

Oddly, he's not the one massively interrupting my sleep. Dragon decided he wasn't tired last night. Not tired at all. An hour after we put him to bed he was still awake. Then he started fussing around 10:30p or 11 because he was hot and every 20 minutes he'd start crying again. Desperate to actually sleep I finally just made him a bed on the floor in our room around midnight. Big mistake.

 Around 12:30 or 12:45 he was driving one of the trucks he found near his new "bed" all around our room. By 1am he was playing chase in circles around Colt's bed while I tried to grab him and get him to go downstairs.

We finally got downstairs and I turned a movie on hoping he'd fall asleep. 

I dozed in and out of a restless sleep until he woke me up with "More. More. More." His show was over and he was ready for another. I turned the TV off and told him to close his eyes. 

He finally fell asleep around 4:30am. At 6:45a Colt woke up needing to be fed. While attempting to feed Colt, I jostled the couch just enough that Dragon woke up feeling miserable, obviously, and continued crying for several minutes while Ben tried to find a way to console him. It didn't work.

The rest of the morning was spent with a very ornery little boy but we tried to have fun anyway. I don't think we were very successful except for that wonderful 20 minutes he spent in the bathtub.

Luckily for me, and Dragon, we all slept all afternoon. 

And then I looked at pictures of him when he wasn't so ornery and I remembered how much I love my little guy even if I do feel like I'm literally on the brink of passing out from tiredness.


Mrs. Mike said...

He just stayed up all night? How weird! And awful! He is darling, though, and he looks exactly like you in that cute photo.

christy said...

Can't say any of mine ever did that. Funny kiddo. Hope he doesn't repeat. I do remember being exhausted with little ones and a newborn we had to feed every two hours through the night. There were plenty of times I dozed off on the couch while they played in the floor in front of me.

kelsey said...

Oh no! Teresa used to do that. Just wake up in the middle of the night and play for a few hours. It would make us crazy, but she hasn't done it since she started school, now that I think about it. It's brutal when you have a newborn, and you're only getting a few hours of sleep at a time anyway. Toddler + newborn is such a game of survival. Glad you all got a nap the next day!

Fran said...

This makes me feel like crying with exhaustion just thinking about it!