Monday, October 21, 2013

Magical Pumpkins

The fog has set in. Every day for the last week we've had this stuff haunting our mornings. It's magical but it's haunting. Can you imagine living in a world of fog for forever? If that ends up being the case I'm really going to need to invest in one of those happy lights.

Luckily, fog isn't a good enough reason not to spend a Saturday with my family picking out pumpkins for Halloween!

This year we went to a pumpkin patch about 10 minutes from our place called The Farm. 

E had a blast riding on the tractors, petting the kittens and watching the duck races.

However, he was not a fan of this scarecrow.

Once we'd picked out our pumpkins I forced Ben to stand in line with me so I could try one of their home-made hand-dipped corn dogs. YUM! 

They also had some pretty great Apple-Cider Donuts and roasted corn on the cob picked right there on the farm.

It was a very good morning. 

Captain of our wheelbarrow: he was not a happy camper when we told him it was time to get out.

And, my favorite part of the trip: 

We finally have a family picture! 

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Fran said...

And what a beautiful setting for a family picture.