Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Corn Maze

I think the last time I went trekking through a corn maze I walked out with a corn husk wrapped around a huge gash on my pinky and lots of blood dripping down my hand. My advice: listen to signs. Don't pick the corn.

Needless to say, this corn maze was (thankfully) much less exciting. Ben was in charge of organizing a corn maze trip for the young men and young women in our ward so one Saturday afternoon we decided we should go try out the corn maze for ourselves just to make sure it wasn't too easy.

We thought we would let E lead us in and get us going in the right direction. We quickly realized he was going to take us in circles and he didn't want to follow us so he was picked up and carried the rest of the trip.

Which was probably a good thing since it turns out he was actually pretty sleepy despite it being an hour before naptime.

After an hour in the maze we gave up ... 

and took a quick peek at the map to help us get going in the right direction. 

Before long we'd made it to the halfway point. It looked like a fun place to hang out. I'm guessing they light up the fire pits at night and they have a concession stand near the fire pit where I'm sure you can purchase some delicious hot cocoa.

After we'd rested for a minute we started the second half, map in hand. Since E was ready to be done we decided we'd cheat and use the map the whole time. Which worked out great for a lady and her kids  that had been wandering the second half of the maze, lost, for an hour. Ben guided them towards the end until we heard one of the workers who they'd called to come help them get out.

After they'd been rescued we decided to hang back so we could find our own way out. And we figured we were close enough to the end that we could put the map away.

 Turns out, in case you didn't already know, Ben is an excellent map reader and we made it to the finish in less than 15 minutes after leaving the halfway mark.

We quickly celebrated our success then headed on our way.

Bob's Farm had a cute little country store to buy produce and whatnot. We didn't buy anything but we did play on their little prop truck while Ben paid for our corn maze tickets.

Despite E's face in these pictures we think he had a pretty good time. 

Next fall stop: The Pumpkin Patch!

I love Halloween time! (if only it wasn't so cold)

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