Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18 month checkup

It was a month and a half late but at least we finally got it done--his 18 month checkup that is.

The doctor finally sounded genuinely unconcerned about E's weight and height. While he's still little, very little, his stats have gone up on the charts. Woohoo!

He is now 21 lbs (9th percentile!!), 2 feet 6 inches (0th percentile), and has a head circumfrence of (approximately, because he never holds still for this one) 46.5cm (22nd percentile!). Okay, I know no one really cares about how big my kids head is but I had to add it since it's the only percentile that makes him not sound so incredibly tiny compared to his peers.

And, most importantly, his Iron deficiency is a thing of the past. While we may struggle each and every day to get this kid to eat at least he's getting all his needed vitamins and minerals ... for the most part.

Thank you Strawberry Oatmeal/Spinach/Banana smoothie! 

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Fran said...

Yep! He's perfect!