Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seattle Sun

Janell made a great point in the comments on the last post. I'm not in many pictures because, well, I like taking them and when I give Ben the camera he usually puts it away because "we can just remember this stuff in our head". So here's an attempt to rectify that situation. Also, I needed to post more pictures from our outing yesterday because I love pictures of E playing in the sand.

When we started out our hike it was "warm" and sunny. We'd come prepared for a very cold day but we quickly decided jackets were not necessary. Not yet anyway ...

Apparently, the difference in being at the top of a bluff and the bottom is about 25 MPH of winds. 
(This is usually what happens when we try to get a family shot. At least we got part of everyone's face in it!)

Take two ... Of course E wouldn't look anywhere near the camera. 

 The good thing about the wind was that it made some awesome waves.

The bad thing is that it made us have to hide behind a barrier while we ate our lunch.

Fortunately, E didn't seem to mind.

After lunch we decided to explore the makeshift beach huts and seek a bit of shelter from the wind:

 But E just wanted to hang out outside the hut and play with the rocks.

 So we walked down the beach a ways and saw a lighthouse.

And then we headed back up to higher elevation to get out of the wind. 

At the top of the hill there's a big sand mound. Since there wasn't any wind up there we stopped and played for awhile. E had a blast. And so did I, soaking in the sun.

He had a blast knocking down tower after tower.

Unfortunately, it was way past naptime so we had to head home. But before we got back to the car I wanted to get a picture of E laughing. The only way to do that is to laugh. He's adorable. If he hears other people laughing, he'll laugh too.

It worked!

I'm going to miss Ben not having anything to do all month! This is our last week with him. What will we do today?

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christy said...

My boys loved that beach and all the driftwood huts when we were there, the nature center was fun too.