Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh E!

Literally minutes after Ben's flight was schedule to depart this happened:

You know what that means? I had to wait TWO hours to talk to Ben about it! I was DYING. But I did get to spend the next two hours videotaping him over and over again. Which is why there were several clips.

I wasn't even trying to get him to crawl, I just looked over and he was. Crazy kid. It's like he knew how to do it all along. If only Ben had been here to be excited with me!!


christy said...

If he's like my kids he will be walking in a couple of weeks. Mine didn't crawl much. Once they got mobile they wanted to walk.
At first I thought you were excited about the Super Bowl. This makes more sense. Lol

kelsey said...

I love it! It is like he knew how all along--crawling like a pro already. I like how at one point he looks back to make sure you are watching.

Caitlyn Hair said...

Joci didn't crawl until over a year old, either. She didn't walk until 16 and 1/2 months but when she did she was a pro (unlike Chaela who walked at 11 and 1/2 months and spent the next 6 months tripping all over herself).

Go E! He is so freaking cute! Mile stones are so much fun!

Mrs. Mike said...

Oh so cute!

Fran said...

Look out world! Here he comes!