Monday, February 11, 2013

Burn Paper, Burn: Beach Day in February!

Ben had a bunch of financial papers from church he needed to shred so he thought burning them at the beach would be more fun. 

He was right!

Unfortunately, we got to the beach and realized we'd forgotten a very important part of the fire making process: lighter/matches.

While Ben was in the car trying to get the cigarette lighter to catch paper on fire I noticed some logs in the pit were smoking a bit. I doused a paper towel in some lighter fluid, crumpled up a few papers and tada ... 

There was fire!

Unfortunately, burning stacks of paper requires a lot of stirring so Ben looked like he had a bad sunburn despite the fact there wasn't a bit of sun today.

While the fire burned, E realized how fun sand is! 

It took him a bit to figure out crawling in the sand but once he had it down he was all over the place.

I guess the proof that I was at this little bonfire is that someone had to take this picture, right?

E has mastered the "staring off while a picture is being taken" pose.

This little adventure just made me want to go camping. Can it get warmer now??


Fran said...

I wish we could have a tent camping family reunion.

Amanda Kristeen said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are soo cute! And I love the one where he's mastered looking "dramatically into the middle distance." :)