Saturday, January 26, 2013

Someone had a birthday...

And it wasn't me. 

 Although, the party was totally for me. I simply justified the whole thing by saying E really likes people... which he does, so at least it wasn't a lie!

Anyway, welcome to E's birthday party. Let me take you on a little tour:

When you open the front door, this display greets your arrival:

Now, let's have some food:

Now that you've filled up on hot cocoa and sugar, it's time for something a little more healthy:

 That's right, those are olive penguins you see there.

Mmm. I'm sure you're feeling full so while you're mingling let's wander on over to the hallway and play a little game:

Oh no, something is amiss! These pictures aren't in the right order. Can you help us get these pictures straight?

 (Nobody got them all right, and I cheated ahead of time so I'm not sure I could have done it either)

While you're busy studying the pictures I'm going to head on over to-- 

Oh, wait. I think I hear someone talking about cake....

They don't call it a smash cake for nothing!

Speaking of Cake, where's the cake for everyone else?

Aha! I found it! (Sorry, there are a lot of pictures of the cake but I was really excited about how it turned out. I made everything on/around the cake from scratch except the black fondant, which was purchased.)

Everything but the beads around the base of the cake are edible so dig in! 

Do you see how even those layers are? Probably not but they are even and straight and my cakes weren't domed! I was SOOOO happy! 

Ahem. Anyway, back to the party.

So ... that cookies and cream cake was pretty tasty! I think I'm just going to go hang out over here by the birthday boy. Care to join me?

Thanks for joining the party, hope you can find a place to sit ... 

No? Well, maybe you could hang out in the playroom (aka E's bedroom) instead. 

His bedroom? Well, we know there's no crib in there right now...

But once you leave it'll find its way back to its proper place.

Until then please feel free to admire the art work contributed to the party by a famous artist:

Oh and before you go, don't forget your hot cocoa!

Happy Birthday, E! We love you lots. Thanks for giving me a good excuse to throw a party (and have a hot chocolate bar)!

(I have to credit pinterest/the internet for every. single. idea that was done at this party but I did adapt a few ideas for our apartment)


An Ordinary Mom said...

HOLY SMOKES, GIRL!! Wow, I am beyond impressed! I really should have crashed the celebration! I think you have found a new calling in life - event and party planning. You would rock it up!

Happy Birthday, Ethan! And more importantly, Happy Birth-Day to you, dear Brooke! Of course you have every right to celebrate today :) !!

Fran said...

Brooke! That was SO fun! Thank you for inviting us to experience such a charming and fun party. I bet E loved it. I could just feel how fun it was to smash that cake.

Sally said...

Yes. Simply amazing. You never cease to surprise me with your layers of talent. Happy birthday to E!

Mrs. Mike said...

Um, Brooke, do you think you could make it to Japan by Thursday to put on a party for poor Sean, who's mother has not planned a single thing?

Laura Bowles said...

Wow! Amazing job on everything.

christy said...

Fun! Happy Birthday little E! Maybe one of these birthdays we'll live close enough to come to your awesome party! Well done B&B. Who doesn't go to the internet for ideas? it's great.

Robyn said...

Brooke it turned out so good and you did an amazing job! Happy Birthday to E!!!