Monday, January 28, 2013


A few weeks ago E was assessed because he's struggling to get mobile. Well, he's still not doing the thing we're most concerned about but in the last two weeks he's made major progress.

First, we practiced sitting:

Then he suddenly mastered moving backwards:

 And, in case that wasn't enough, as long as he's motivated he'll move back and forth along the couch (motivation=Dad's glasses):

Some things we didn't catch on camera:

He figured out that he could roll with a purpose (i.e. when there's a toy out of reach, he's figured out he can actually get to it, etc.).

He's started pulling himself up to stand in more than just the bath. (He's mastered the chairs at church and he can pull himself up to a stand with our rocking chair as well and he's close to figuring it out on several other pieces of furniture around our apartment)

And .... he's super talkative, always.

That last one didn't start within the last few weeks but it's still true.

It's so fun seeing him develop and learn. We have so much to be grateful for! I seriously love this kid.


Fran said...

It's so exciting to watch him master these skills. I'm so grateful for modern technology!

christy said...

SO cute! I hope you don't worry, kids really do develop at different rates. Progress is what matters. As long as he keeps making progress he will get there eventually and if he is anything like my boys, they are not in a hurry to grow up so enjoy it while it lasts.