Monday, December 3, 2012

Family portrait

I thought we could do a family Christmas portrait using Brooke's camera on a timer.  Sure the lighting wouldn't be great, but photoshop (yes, a verb) the coloring and maybe use filters to artsy-it up and any picture can be awesome.  This failure is on par with the time I cut open a coat to tailor it so it would fit me better, despite having sewed one thing ever.  Where does this misplaced confidence come from?  Needless to say, no photos were even worth editing and we'll probably just go have it done at Target or something.  Here's the result.


christy said...

Target is cheap and takes some nice pics! Nice try Ben! I won't even open up a jacket and try to tailor it and I'm supposed to be able but I'm too chicken. Happy Christmas!

Fran said...

Actually, what you ended up with is quite entertaining. Even better than one still shot. Except I would still love to have a still shot.