Monday, October 29, 2012

9 month doctor visit

With the drama that occurred with  our last doctor appointment (i.e. me locking the keys in the car while it was still running) I managed to misplace E's 6 month stats somewhere. I was really bummed about that so I was extra excited to get the 9 month stats and share them with everyone.

Drum roll please ...... (And a picture, or three, because that's what makes blogs fun) 

Height: 2 feet 2.38 inches (aka 26 inches plus a little)
In case you're wondering, that puts him in the 0 percentile for length.

And, when compared with a Gorilla ... well... he's shorter. 

Weight: 16 lbs 12.3 ounces. 
9th percentile for weight.

His weight compared to a gorilla is also smaller, in case you were wondering

His head circumference is 44cm 
Around the 21st percentile (I didn't get an exact number I'm just guesstimating based on the chart they gave me).

And finally his Weight-for-Length percentage is 42 percentile which means he's a pretty proportional kid. And, in case you didn't realize, he's really little---hence the nickname we've given him, "The Little". 

E's foot compared to a hippo foot is also significantly smaller, while we're on the subject of him being little.

Anyway, back to the doctor appointment, we only had to get a flu shot this visit so he handled that like a champ---didn't even cry!

Unfortunately, because E is a little too content and won't attempt to crawl, scoot, or roll from back to tummy to back (or tummy to back to tummy) his doctor is slightly concerned so he'll have to go back in for a little checkup in 6 weeks just to make sure he's developing correctly. 

If he's still not moving around they'll send us to a PT to learn some exercises to help encourage him to start moving. Luckily, I think we're okay and we won't need to do that. Since his appointment he's gotten really good at just staying on his hands and knees for a bit before decided it's time to roll onto his back again.

Either way, he's super cute and I'm pretty okay with having a kid who'll sit, unmoving, and play with the bathroom rug the entire time I shower. It makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier.


christy said...

Don't worry, these Newman kids just go at their own pace, not in a hurry about anything.;)

Jess and Richard said...

ENJOY the no moving while you can!!! :D

Janell said...

I wouldn't have guessed that he is small based on his pictures. Hazel is also very little and she was slow to crawl and walk. But once she did, she did it well!! He will do things in his own time. And he is so darn cute!!

Caitlyn said...

Joci didn't care to become mobile until around E's age, when she found out that rolling was a good way to get around. She didn't even crawl until 12 months and didn't walk until 16 and 1/2, when she decided it was time and was suddenly running everywhere. She hasn't stopped since. Kids do things when they feel like it!

Fran said...

2 foot 2,
Eyes of blue,
Oh what those 2 feet can do!
Has anybody seen our boy?!
Perfect nose,
Boyish clothes,
Bet your life he's one of those,
Has anybody seen our boy?!
Well if you run into,
A 2 foot 2, maybe named Kim,
Sparkly rings,
and all those things,
Bet your life it isn't him!
Cutchy kie, cutchy koo
Oh what those 2 feet can do,
Has anybody seen our boy?!

kelsey said...

Of course Mom has a song for the occasion.

I love the photos of E with the gorilla. Super cute.