Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun with Friends

Last year we missed out on the annual weekend in Bremerton because we were exhausted from our summer travels. But this year, luckily, we made it to "The Lake House" - not to be confused with that Sandra Bullock movie.

Anyway, our friends' family owns a lake house over in Bremerton and they invited us to come along again this year so of course we joined them and I'm so glad we did.

We stayed up late playing games on Friday night and, in the morning, I was greeted by this gorgeous view.

E thought the view was pretty great as well so he pondered the beauty of the world while bananas dripped down his face. Yum.

Then it was time to teach E how to swim. 
Step 1: Make a crazy face.

Step 2: Prepare him for the plunge.

Step 3: Toss him in!

.... Just kidding! We did not toss our baby in the lake. We did, however, dip his feet in a few times and later that day Ben and I tipped the kayak over.

Don't worry, E was safe on dry land while we were busy with our water shenanigans.

E was so excited to be manning the kayak all on his own.

I know this is a horrible picture but I realized, other than the tubing picture, it's the only one we took that wasn't of E, Ben or myself.

Later, when all the guests had arrived we had a pickleball tournament (tennis-y but with a wiffle ball-ish thing and paddles instead of rackets). Unfortunately, the tournament ended before a true champion could be crowned but Ben and Adam did get in quite a few rounds. I think Ben misses playing tennis. Maybe someday we'll live closer to his siblings so he can have an equal competitor again. (or even just someone who can actually return a serve would be nice!)


And, after a long day of playing hard, we headed home. We got a little lost on the way to the ferry and made it with 2 minutes to spare. Woo. If we'd missed that one the next one wasn't until 2 hours later at 11:40 at night and we were already exhausted.

Well, E's first time on a ferry was successful. And by successful, I mean uneventful. He mostly just sat there captivated by everything going on.

As we got closer to Seattle I realized that, whenever the day comes that we leave this place, I'm really going to miss it. The water and lights and greenery. Everything about Seattle (minus the shootings.. which is why I wouldn't mind living a little ways away from the actual city) is so calming. I've always loved water, but being here has just made my love for it grow ten-fold. I don't think I'll be able to be truly happy without a lake or pond or stream or something of the sort very nearby for the rest of my life. 
Thanks Heaths for a wonderful weekend. We're really going to miss you guys!

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allegra said...

haha love the pic of him being "thrown" into water. you're so cute. love the lake house! :) weird that the first time we all went together, you weren't even pregnant and now you have this DARLING baby boy and it didn't even seem that long ago! time flies. you're the cutest mommy