Monday, September 17, 2012

Cookies and a hole ...

The blog post title isn't very creative but it's definitely accurate.

First, the cookies: 

These cookies took quite a bit of work and they were really good. But not good enough to go to all the trouble of making them again. Unless someone knows of an easier way to chop and shred chocolate .. or maybe if Fran is here because I know she prefers the chocolate part and there is definitely lots of chocolate in these chocolate chip cookies.

Now, onto part two--The hole:

Well, this picture is not of the actual hole, but of the cause of the hole. Turns out we had a very slightly leaky hot water pipe for the last two years but didn't really notice because we usually have cabinets there. It wasn't until a cabinet door just sort of fell off out of the blue that we realized there was any sort of problem.

Then there was a hole in our kitchen while all our dishes sat on our kitchen table for a week while we made sure it was all dried out. ... Yay...

Finally, our kitchen is back to normal and our cabinets have been replaced with rot-free cabinets.

The bright side to things like this is that it makes me glad we don't own our own place yet. Instead, we just have our amazing, handy maintenance guy do everything. ... I wonder if we can adopt him when we do get a place someday?

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Fran said...

Before I even read the post I thought, "Now that's a yummy looking chocolate chip cookie!"