Sunday, September 30, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we (and by we I mean, I) decided it would be fun to branch out a bit and make something I'd never even heard of. Unfortunately, the recipe didn't include a picture so I really had no idea what I was making. Then I decided to google pictures of it. 

Well ... that didn't work because all the pictures looked like this:

First, our recipe said to layer it with pastry cream and second, it said to top with berries. 

I see neither pastry cream nor berries in the picture above. Also, it said to put the dough stuff in a pie tin. Once again, above picture does not look like it's in a pie tin. So .... we guessed. 

The pastry cream sort of burned a bit but we decided to move forward with our experiment. We took one to our friends for a dinner and the other we kept for ourselves. 

The surprising thing is, it was delicious. It actually got better the next day because it absorbed the berry flavor and replaced the sort of burnt pastry cream flavor. Woo.

Anyway, here is our version of brioche:

Yeah, they look nothing alike. Oh well. Food all looks the same in our stomach, I guess.

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christy said...

so funny. your recipe looks yummy but definitely has the wrong name.