Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 Months Old!

Today is E's 8 month birthday!

He's still a little small for his age. In order to help you understand his size to age ratio I've include this picture:

He looks so big! 

But his clothes tell you a different story. 

His onesie is 0-3 months!

And his pants are 3-6 months.

Although, I have always felt like this onesie was mislabeled. It's one of the last 0-3 month onesies we haven't packed away.

In other news, his third tooth broke through and the fourth one will be here any day now. I'm hoping they'll all just get it over with and maybe we'll have a decent night sleep again someday.

Some other things our little 8 month old is doing:

He loves clapping. Well, he can't clap yet but he loves watching other people clap.

He really loves hanging upside down. 

He's learned how to flip backwards off my legs.

He loves making eye contact with strangers and giving them a big grin. You could be the meanest looking dude on this side of the Mississippi but if E's had a nap and is fed and makes eye contact with you, he'll give you the biggest smile you've ever seen. He also appreciates facial hair. He smiles even bigger for people with facial hair. It's pretty awesome. I hope he still appreciates facial hair in a few months when Santa Claus starts appearing.

He's still enthralled by the hand to hand switch he can pull off with any object he can get his hands on. His toys, his clothes, his mom's keys, his apple slice, you name it and he's using it to practice his dexterity. 

Speaking of apple slices, he now has enough teeth to actually get a few little bites out of his apple slices when I give them to him. This, of course, has terrified me because that means the choking begins. I made Ben re-teach me the baby Heimlich maneuver and I'm just praying I never have to use it. 

He's drooling like crazy and sleep is all over the place but he is getting bigger. Every once in awhile when I lay him down in his crib or go to get him out I'm amazed at how much he's grown. He's actually starting to take up a good amount of space in that thing--something I'd thought impossible when we first brought him home. 

He's figured out fake crying and he insists on doing it at least once a day even though his mom and dad are on to him.

His eyes are still blue. I was holding out hope that they'd change but .... nothing! (Not that I have anything against blue eyes I just really wanted him to have brown eyes.)

His hair is so much lighter than it used to be. He's practically blonde now.

Remember when his hair was super thick and dark? 

Well, I'd forgotten so here's a picture to remind you:

That's the same kid as the one pictured at the beginning of this post!

Finally, and most importantly, the bigger he gets the more I love him. When I first saw him I really thought that no one could love someone more than I loved him at that moment and yet, (almost) every time I look at him my heart must grow a little because I find myself falling for him more and more.

I complain about sleep deprivation and how my apartment is always a mess and how I feel like a walking zombie but somehow, at the same time, I've never been so happy in all my life. These last 8 months have been bliss (with a side of insane).


Mrs. Mike said...

Ah, Brooke - that is possibly the best description of motherhood I have ever heard. Bliss, with a side of insane.

Love the E update. I wish I could be the recipient of one of his grins!

kelsey said...

I loved "bliss with a side of insane" too! You just summed up parenthood.

I was thinking about E today being 8 months old! And Sammy is 6 months tomorrow. Goes way too fast. I love the newborn picture of E. He is one super special, cute little guy. Happy 8 months, E!

Amanda Kristeen said...

loved this post! Amen to the sleep deprivation, messy, zombie, happy, bliss. ;) Ahhhhh......