Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One of these days ...

One of these days I'll learn that the shopping trips I used to take pre-baby should no longer be done in one trip/day.

One of these days I'll come home from shopping and not feel like I'm a hundred years old with all the aches and pains I get from walking the aisles carrying the little in the baby bjorn and wearing improper shoes.

One of these days I'll look back and laugh at the fact that I had to go back to the same spot in the store five times before remembering to grab the thing I kept going there for (Mommy brain).

One of these days I'm going to miss getting to cuddle with a sleeping E while shopping for our food.

One of these days I'll hire someone to do my grocery shopping for me.

One of these days I'll laugh at the fact that I spent an hour creating a shopping list just to leave it sitting on the couch.

One of these days I'm going to wish E was little enough to carry around in the Bjorn instead of having to chase him around the store.

One of these days I'll get to sleep a straight eight hours.

One of these days I'll make a decent meal.

One of these days I'm going to look at E and realize it was just one of those days but it's a day I'll never get back so I should cherish the moments despite the aches and pains. Because I'm rewarded with smiles and coos and the love of a little guy that looks at me like I'm his world.

And I'll hug him tight and kiss him long and enjoy the moment before it's gone.

p.s. I'm never going grocery shopping again.


Mrs. Mike said...

Oh, Brooke, this totally made me tear up and want to go give MY baby a big hug and kiss. So I did, but he squirmed and pushed me away.

Holy moly. E is so cute.

Kjersty said...

I love going grocery shopping, but I do make the trip count when I actually pack us up to go because it is a lot more of a hassle to lug around a diaper bag and baby and grocery bags and shopping list and purse and keys and cell phone... and then forget at least two of these things and a bunch of stuff on the list. All of it is so completely worth it though to spend all that time with my lovely Kole.

Jacquelyn said...

You're such a good momma Brooke, I love reading your blog. It looks like we wont meet E until summer 2013 fam reunion so it's good to get family updates here. xo

kelsey said...

Oh, you just about had me crying, and then I read the p.s. and ended up laughing.