Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lounging at the Beach

On Monday, everywhere I looked the news was talking about what a beautiful day it was. So, when a friend of mine said her and her kiddos would be at Matthews Beach playing in the water, I made it a goal to join her, even if it meant showing up an hour late.

Ben had another big test that day so I fully expected him to come home and sleep but he saw I was making a picnic and decided to join me. We grabbed a big blanket and headed out the door.

The first thing I did when we got there was introduce E to Seattle water. In case you are unfamiliar with the Pacific Northwest and the temperature of the bodies of water in the area, let me put it this way. It's cold.

I figured E would pull up his legs or cry but I wanted to test him out anyway.

This was his initial reaction:

Which turned into this:

There were no tears or attempts to avoid the water. He just stuck it out and let his chubby little legs get cold.

Then we stood on the edge of the beach and just buried his feet in the sand and every once in awhile the water would lap at his feet but he seemed unphased by the temperature. Should we be worried?

Eventually we went and woke Ben up from his nap he was taking on the grass. And the little looked like he was exhausted.

So we cuddled with him ...

swaddled him and in no time he was asleep. 

The pictures of him sleeping were too good not to share. 

And his head goes back and forth and 

back and forth (which explains the bald spot on the back of his head)

And then some more cuddling

And then he woke up happier than I've ever seen him.

He smiled and coo'd at the trees and the sky and us.

He was so happy it almost convinced me we need to just live on the beach so he can be that happy all the time. 

But then I remembered it's rainy more than it's sunny and I don't think E would like that very much so I guess we'll stick to the apartment life.


Jess and Richard said...

So cute that he fell asleep there. We miss Seattle! Hope life is great!

Fran said...

How sweet! Little baby gratitude for waking up in the wide wonderful world.