Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Museum of Flight

 Since the first Thursday of each month is free admission from five to nine we decided we should take advantage and show "the little" what airplanes are.

Turns out he's just as excited by Costco aisles as he is airplanes at this point in his life. But it was fun for us to see something new and we didn't accidentally spend $150 in groceries while we were there so ... extra bonus!

Tengo Alpha Niner Kilo

And E was happiest just looking at his dad. Which makes me happy. And it probably makes his dad pretty happy too.

Ben said we needed to take this picture for Mike so ... Here you go Mike!

It was space day at the Museum of Flight the day we went but all the pictures of the space stuff ended up dark and blurry so ... I took this picture to remind me.

I've always loved space and the stars. I, like most kids, dreamt of being an astronaut at some point. I wonder what things E will aspire to be as he goes through his childhood.

Anyway, after crossing an awesome bridge we got the chance to go on Concord, an old Airforce One Plane. Turns out, unless you're extra special staff you're still stuck in seats with absolutely no room. I just sort of figured anyone who made it on the presidential plane got a bit of leg space; apparently, I was wrong.

Then on the walk back into the museum E fell asleep in my arms and slept until we were almost done looking at the old WWI and WWII planes. This is his, "I just woke up and I'm trying to figure out what's going on" face:

Not a bad way to spend an evening if I do say so myself. 


Fran said...

You blogged a picture for Mike on his birthday! Did you know that? Well, It's his birthday in Japan, not here yet. Happy Birthday Mike!
We love you!

Amanda Kristeen said...

Ethan has so much HAIR! He's adorable! And ditto on the costco - it's fun, but it adds up!

Mike said...

Thanks for the picture! I zoomed in on it, nice radial engine. - they make great sound when running. Looks like a cool museum. They have a Conord? See you guys soon.

Benjipups said...

It is cool! They have a lot of engine halves to look at next to the planes and I was thinking, "I bet this is even cooler if you know something about engines. Too bad Mike isn't here to give me some insight."