Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy and Sad

On Wednesday E and I went to a "Bathtub Babies" workshop. Unfortunately, Ben had class so he couldn't come with. E slept for the first part which was fine with me since that meant he'd be a lot happier when it was swimming time! So after they went through the different "land activities" to do with your babies we hopped in the swimming pool (which was a wonderful 94 degrees) and learned different ways to hold our babies in the water to keep them safe but let them have a bit of freedom to enjoy the water.

E loved it! I really wish I'd been able to get a video of it. He did not want to float on his back but every time I held him on his tummy and moved him around he would just flail (which looks like kicking) around in the water. We had a blast.

We also learned the suck in reflex so we would do that and then run a little water over their faces. I guess so they start to learn to hold their breath when there's water on their face? E actually really liked this part - some of the babies did not.

After the class he was exhausted and took a well deserved nap.

The next day was not so fun.

E and I went to Seattle Children's hospital for a little arm poke so he could take part in a study I was involved in while pregnant.

I like participating in research studies because I figure it's my way of contributing to science since I am not a sciencey person. And we'd decided to have E participate in this stage of the study before he'd gotten any of his shots. I probably would have said no if they'd asked me after his first shots. But he was a champ. And, I know he wasn't in too much pain since he screamed a lot louder and harder sitting in his carseat while we were getting gas at Costco today then he did during any part of this little ordeal.

His little arm wrapped up was so sad looking so I obviously had to take a picture. And he gave me one of his great, wide-eyed, shocked faces which made it even better.


Samantha said...

THAT KID IS SO CUTE!! He's getting too big!! What was the study about? Sounds interesting.

Amber said...

Your boy is awesome! I totally love him and his adorable little face!