Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Valentine - A little late

This Valentine's Day was extra romantic here in our household. (Can you sense my sarcasm?) But it was still pretty great thanks to our new addition.

There were goodbyes (Tim and Fran headed back to Nauvoo) and hellos (my mom got here later that night), lots of tears, some sleepy smiles and lots and lots of studying (since Ben had a huge test the next day).

After Ben left for class he texted me and asked if I was sleeping - of course I wasn't because we have a little boy who does not like sleeping when I'm sleepy. After responding, Ben texted again, "You should go sleep on your pillow!"

I thought that sounded a little suspicious so I went and checked my pillow and this is what I found ...

The note was probably my favorite part. I definitely married a romantic:

In case you can't read it, it says:  
I got you the gross cookies you like so they can be all yours. J/K. I will still eat them! 
<3 Ben
 Love is in the air here in Seattle.


Fran said...

Are those the kind of cookies that have so much sugar you can feel it in your blood stream in about one minute?

kelsey said...

Yes, I'd say he's quite the romantic--anyone who writes "gross" in a Valentine's note is.