Monday, November 14, 2011

The Watch: A modern day fairy tale ... sort of.

Once upon a time there was a watch. The most beautiful watch in all the land. One day, the fair maiden walked into a store to buy some jeans and her eyes fell upon this beauty and she couldn't look away. What made this watch even better was that it was on sale!

The fair maiden quickly paid for the watch and went on her way. She wore the watch day in and day out. Where she went, the watch was never far from her. Then, one tragic day, she looked down and the watch had stopped. However, she didn't let this small flaw deter her. She continued to wear the watch but after a few weeks she started to leave it behind. And then one day, she put it in a drawer and that's where it called home for a long long time.

Years passed and one day she was cleaning out the drawer and stumbled upon her most beautiful watch. Instead of tucking it back into its spot she restored it to its rightful place on her wrist. Of course it still didn't work but she was hoping that wearing it would remind her to get it fixed. And then ... her prince charming (whom I am sure we'll hear more about in other fantastic fairy tales) surprised her and somehow got a hold of it and got the precious piece of metal (also known as a battery) replaced at the local store of Fossils.

Now she not only had the most beautiful watch in all the land but it worked! And then, just when she couldn't be happier, the little leather strap that held the watch band broke. But this didn't keep the fair maiden from wearing her watch, it just made it get caught on a lot more things and made it slightly less convenient but it was still just as beautiful. And then another part broke but the fair maiden was not to give up on her watch yet! She used a magical mixture dubbed "Monster Glue" and went back to wearing her watch day in and day out.

Then one day, she decided just to see what other watches the world was offering. And, as she browsed and browsed and browsed and browsed, it turned out that her sort of broken but still wearable watch was still the most beautiful watch in all the land. ... Although, there might be one possibility that is nearly as beautiful. Too bad it's $130 which is waaaay out of the fair maiden's price range. ... Even if she does have a prince charming.

The end! Or is it?


Also, I'm just wondering why they quit making watches that I like. ... That's all.


Fran said...

I'm so happy for the little watch.

allegra said...

ha ha. this prince charming must be a keeper:) how sweet.