Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So many projects ...

Normally the next line would be "so little time". Unfortunately, that's not really the problem.

In my case, the problem is that anything that involves me sitting and working on something in my lap results in intense lower rib/upper abdomen pain. It almost feels like my ribs are bruised or like I did way too many crunches (of course I haven't done crunches in 7 months so I know that's not really the problem). I try to be good and write in my journal but I get a quarter through my entry and I'm already dying. I bought a ton of fabric so I could make some cute burp cloths. I've managed two but those were not exactly delightful experiences since they require leaning over my sewing machine to make.

I want to make homemade cards, sew a ton of different things, scrapbook, write in my journal and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, the only things I can really manage are sitting in a reclining position on the couch or lying in bed. Actually, lying in bed is my only really truly comfortable spot. Even the couch is a bit too restricting for me. For the last ... well, since about week 13 this has been going on and I'm just so tired of it. I hate having to go lie in bed at 8pm because it's the only place to go where I'm not "dying". (Why yes, yes I can be a bit melodramatic).

I guess I should be getting a lot read since I can definitely read in this position but, for some reason, I can't even do that. I've been reading books but they're all so "three star". I need to find another book that I can just tear through. Or at least one that keeps my interest peaked from start to finish.

Oh well.

I have to keep reminding myself that there are things worse than being uncomfortable. I was not throwing up constantly for the first three months. I am not on bed rest. I'm not experiencing skull crushing headaches every day, I don't crave paint chips or clay, I get to sleep in when I have restless/sleepless nights and I have a wonderful husband who tries to help make me as comfortable as possible. And, most importantly, at least I get to experience the aches and pains of pregnancy as there are many people out there who would welcome the opportunity but just aren't able.

I guess I just needed to complain for a minute so I could put everything else into perspective.

Hm. I guess finishing those burp cloths isn't the most important thing in the world after all.

Turns out I'll probably survive this minor inconvenience.


Caitlyn said...

Hey! I understand your frustration and I hope you feel better! You're right, it's good to put things in perspective... I hate my pregnancies, but I need to remember to be grateful that I can have kids! Of course, sometimes its the kids themselves that make that hard for me to remember, ha ha.
Good luck! You're on the home stretch! You can make it! Besides, once he gets here all he does for about three months is sleep, so you can get some sewing done then. :)

Fran said...

Paint chips or clay! O Brooke, you're so funny!

Rochelle said...

Hey Brooke I stumbled upon your blog, hope you don't mind but I love blogs. If you every want help with the projects or just some company I'd love to help! Heaven knows I've got the spare time. Give me a ring a ling. - Rochelle