Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Pregnancy Brain a Thing?

Ha ha! We've been doing dishes in this machine for quite some time now. Out of the blue, today Brooke decided to use different soap for some reason. Again, ha ha! She blames "pregnancy brain" for the incident.


Adam and Hilary said...

haha, nice one Brookie. Do you have any cinnamon rolls left over???

kelsey said...

Pregnancy brain indeed.

Inspired by you, we made cinnamon
rolls today for a GC treat.

Amanda Kristeen said...

YES! It's real. I didn't believe it until I was pregnant. But it's a true thing. I'm with ya' Brooke.

Brooke Jean said...

Hilary, we still have 34 left so ... you guys should definitely come help us get rid of them!

Kelsey, I think it is a great tradition! I just wish we could have shared some of ours with everyone tonight while chatting. Has anyone invented a way to beam stuff through computers yet?

Mrs. Mike said...

Awesome, Brooke.

I'm planning cinnamon rolls for conference next weekend because of you, too! (Conference is next weekend for us...)

Jess and Richard said...

You may mock pregnancy brain, but it is definitely real!!!